Themed Parties

Posted: November 25, 2010 in Educational

Themed Parties


When ever we say Fun, Somewhere in our heart something says Party. Parties are always fun, we meet new people, we make new friends and important of all we feel alive. People of all ages love parties.  Especially in these days when everyone is so busy that friends, brothers, sisters and even husband and wife have no time for each other; Parties play a great role in keeping us social. Now, to have more fun in parties People have introduced Theme Parties. A theme party can be defined as a party which is arranged according to a specific theme of movie, Early 60’s, Future or any Idea of the Person who is arranging this Party. The decor, food, service, crockery and even People’s dresses are according to the theme.

Firstly, Theme Parties were arranged in only Western countries but now they have become fashion in Asia as well. In Sub-continent (India –Pakistan) theme parties are usually themed as Arabian nights, Dera Style (Punjabi Folk) and Phantom Theme but usually peoples of sub- continent don’t honor the condition of dressing up as instructed on invitation. Western People are strict in this matter they fulfill all the conditions even if they have to borrow or buy dresses or other things for party.

Theme Parties also help the marriage couples to look extra special in their dresses on their marriage day. If bride is wearing red dress and groom is wearing Black Dress so they just have to set a theme that all Men & women should wear white dresses. In this way marrying couple will be the one looking different among all.

The real fun of theme party is that we can dress up like a cartoon or we can wear a ripped up shirt in a movie theme party and people will think that you are wearing a costume of messed up character and people will praise your messed up shirt which you don’t like wearing  as a night dress. Another fun that we have in theme parties is games that we play in the party. Teens usually attend these parties for these games. Phantom Theme parties are also famous these days especially among teens. In these Parties you just have to wear a mask with your formal dress. The fun in these parties is nobody knows who is behind the Mask. So Teen enjoys being hidden behind the mask and flirting girls.

Usually Children enjoy theme parties the most. They like theme parties at their birthday and at schools. Children mostly select themes of Super Hero Cartoon Series and dress up like their favorite super hero and enjoy the party most with their other friends which also dresses up like other characters of the series. They play their roles in their own created stories and have fun at these parties.

The only Problem in arranging a themed party is expenses. The theme parties cost the host far more than normal parties. Not only has the host, everyone who is going to attend these parties had to be preparing for them. But we can arrange a low budget theme party just by planning a little. For example, we can arrange an Arabian night theme party by just using some carpets, cushions and some old lamps.


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