Biggest Optical Illusion’s

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Illusions

1. Father and Son Illusion:

When I stumbled upon this optical illusion, only then I realized how sexist society we really live in… Let me explain further – the picture on your right is a male version of the original Young Lady or An Old Hag illusion. Those with a keen eye for details will immediately notice how the old lady was referenced as an Old Hag, while in the same time the grumpy old man (which can be seen in this illusion) is referenced merely as a Father. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, just thinking out loud 😉 Btw, can you see them both (the old man and his son) in this illusion?

Father and Son Optical Illusion

2. Got time to Decipher this?

Got this awesome illusion in my mailbox recently, and boy was surprised when I realized how I could actually read those strange symbols! Give it a try and report your findings. What I’m more interested in, is how the hell can our brain decrypt this!? Is it the negative spaces? If someone is more knowledgeable regarding this topic, would be nice to hear your idea… Those of you still struggling, here is a little hint.

Got Time To Decipher This?

3. Door Opening  Optical Illusion:

What you see below is a great find by Neatorama blog. It looks as if there are doors in a concrete wall, but actually – there aren’t any. The doors are in fact a flat mirror designed by Sarah Dayo that creates the optical illusion of wall opening. The only problem with today’s post, is that once you spot the illusion there is no going back. Sarah writes:

Sometimes we cannot help but to try and catch a glimpse of the other side. Passing through the everyday spaces we inhibit, the door half opened always stirs up a sense of seduction and curiosity within us. Inspired by these ordinary yet inexplicable moments in our daily lives, I designed a mirror that gives an illusion of a door opening on any given surface.

Door Opening Optical Illusion

4. Are You Far or Close:

Can you read what the poster below says? Now try and move further away from your monitor. Read it again, what does it say now? Should be something completely different, though the message should now look more like what you could’ve seen in the first place if you are a widget user. Anyone has a clue how these hybrid optical illusions work? More examples can be found here.

Are You Far or Close?

5. Vampire’s Mistress Illusion :

’ve just noticed that last few days, most of the illusions depict beautiful ladies or cute girls. Must be the heat. I can’t function normally when there’s such a warm weather outside. Anyhow, I had this piece of art in my collection for ages, but I just couldn’t find out who the original author is. Anyone recognizes the masterpiece attached to this post?

Those that came here via our Optical Illusion of The Day widget, probably saw the face of a vampire first. But if you look more closely, you’ll quickly realize what we have here is a buttoned-up mistress sitting beside the window ledge.

If you like them #fantasy illusions, I suggest you head over to the Dragon Lady illusion we posted few months ago. Enjoy your stay on Mighty Optical Illusions, and don’t forget there’s a handy little button at the end of each post which brings you to the next “Random Illusion”!

Vampires Mistress Illusion


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