Life Without Cell Phones


We have become a society that is totally dependant on communication devices to make our world go round. We have technology today that allows us to keep in almost constant contact with one another. We communicate through cell phones that use a network of specialized base stations called cell sites, but many people now are using cell and mobile phones that use a satellite signal for their connection. The phone, TV, personal computer and Internet have found revolutionary ways to connect people, entertain them and empower them. But nothing has matched the seismic cultural shift created by the cell phone, with its ability to connect and deliver content virtually anywhere, anytime. Although most of us have grown familiar with cell phones during the past 10 years, we often don’t realize how much our world has been transformed by the little device in our pockets and purses.

Invention Of Cell Phones

The telephone is one of the greatest inventions that we have. When they were first put into use, it took years to string all the wire necessary for it to become really convenient to use them. International calling came along later after some trial and error. It did not take many years until almost every home had a telephone. We should have known we were becoming addicted to them when we started having them in almost every room in the house. After that next stage was cordless phones people were so fond of them, but they have some faults like call interference. As the years went by the mobile phone were the next big things in voice communication. You could walk around the house and have no worry about stretching the long curly cords we used to use. The mobile phones were really huge and were not always reliable when they first started being used, but people like businessmen who traveled a lot, saw right away that they were a marvelous invention.

The cell phone has had many new developments in the past ten years or so. Things like text messaging, internet service, music features, photo taking abilities, and even television watching can be done right through that tiny little phone.

Impact Of Cell Phones On Revenue Of Our Country

After deruglation of telecommunication industry, communication sector has seen an exponential growth. The contribution of telecom sector to the national exchequer increased to Rs 110 billion in the year 2007-08 on account of general sales tax, activation charges and other steps as compared to Rs 100 billion in the year 2006-07. By March 2009, Pakistan had 91 million mobile subscribers – 25 million more subscribers than reported in the same period 2008. In addition to 3.1 million fixed lines. Over the past four years, the Pakistani telecom sector has attracted more than $9 billion in foreign investments. Pakistan is amongst the top five ranker with one of the highest SMS traffic with 763 million messages (Wikipedia). Pakistan is said to have a potential to absorb up to 50 million mobile phone Internet users in the next 5 years thus a potential of nearly 1 million connections per month.

Cell Phones And Our Daily Life

All around the world, people understand the importance of cell phones in today’s society. They make it easy for us to be in constant contact with friends and family members and the models available these days let you do more than talk on them. You can send e-mails, texts, pictures, videos and more. A Cell phone can help you contact friends and family members at any time and also help you feel safe wherever you are. Knowing you can use your device to call for help or to call a friend or family member in an emergency is very reassuring. Today, they can do a lot more than keep you safe, though. With the newest models you can get online, send e-mails and even use the on-board GPS to help you if you get lost in an unfamiliar area and to help you be found in an emergency. Cell phones are a necessity in today’s busy society and can come in handy for businesses as well as regular people. The importance of the cell phone has grown quickly and it can be found all around the world. No matter how isolated a place you live or what country you live in, you probably have or know someone who has one. As the importance of their usage increases so does the level of competition between service-providing companies. That means great deals for customers looking to get a cellular. Not only do they make us feel safe, we enjoy showing off our cool handsets to our friends and family members.

Handicapped Life Without Cell Phones

Cell phones have fast forward our lives in every aspect. Having a cell phone is like gaining some kind of super power.  Now we don’t need to wait for any thing . If we want to talk to a person we can just call him on his cell phone, if we want to send him a picture or any document we can just send it from wherever we are standing by our cell phone. But if there were no cell phones than our life will be handicapped, if some one want to talk to a person he has to call at that persons home and if he is not available than he should have to leave a message than wait for hours to receive a return call and in the mean time if the first caller is not available than there discussion may be postponed till next day. If we want to send a file or a picture or any document than first we have to go to office or to home for computer than e-mail it and the receiver will also be stuck in his office till he receives the file. Without Cell Phones Instant Media may still be dream because Cell Phone has given birth to Instant Media. No cell phones mean a loss of +05 billion $ loss per year to revenue of our beloved Country. Without cell phone there will be a fear of loneliness among some people, without cell phones life will be so slow it will be handicapped without them.

Cell Phones: Friend Or Foe

The effects of technology on society will always be a double edged sword.   The debate is a never ending one, in which both sides have valid and compelling arguments.   The Industrial Revolution reduced manual labor in the long run, but had negative consequences such as child labor and sweatshop conditions.   Nuclear Power reduces the cost of producing energy, but raises serious environmental issues like pollution and radiation.   In this day in age refusing to assimilate to at least some form of modern living is simply not an option.   One invention causing controversy today that has yet to cease being alter, modified, and “improved” since its debut is the ever present cell phone.
Even as I sit here Writing this essay, my own shiny, rectangular piece of molded plastic and metal lies inches away from my fingertips, beckoning me to use it.   Looking out the window, one of the first sights I see are people walking with one hand up to their ear, evidence this technology is in use.   I can count on one hand the number of adults I know who do not own one these mobile devices.   People are now able to be virtually accessible almost anywhere at any time.
So where does the dispute come in?   Consider the fact that these wondrous inventions which allow us to stay connected to our family, friends, and co-workers also have mounting allegations against them as being the cause of
less interaction with people in our day to day lives.   There are countless lists on the pros and cons of owning a cell phone.   It becomes easier to understand why such a blurry line divides the two sides when you realize that you are dealing with a device that has been called “life saving” in an emergency, while at the same time being the very component responsible for causing it.
Cell phones have been cited as a main reason for car accidents which lead to the death of more than forty-two thousand people in the U.S. alone every year.


Designing a Website,

People usually pay tons of money to Web site designers to design their companies or any other type of  website. But I am going to teach you an easy way to design your own website or others for free.

For Designing a website  things you may need are

(1) good bandwidth and (2) a mozila firefox ver 3.6.8. (Internet Explorer 7.0 Works fine but Mozila is better) link to download Mozila is below(1).


Step 1.

After you have all these things navigate to . It will appear like below:

Then Log in:-

Enter you E-mail adress , Password & User Name and Press Sign Up. Then an activation mail will be sent to your e-mail adress , activate from there. After doing that this type of Page will appear:-

Step 2.

After that Click  CREATE:-

Page will Open like below:-

In this page there will be so may templates of different categories Just Select One and click Edit:

After That a new browser page will appear whih will look like a Softwares Page:-

Step 4.

In this browser you can edit what ever you want to Edit:

You just have to left click on that and pres edit:

You can add new files, photos , audios or videos by pressing these tabs:

You can write about your campany in about us box by editing it:

Step 4.

After You complete editing Just Press Publish at the top:

after pressing it , It will ask you to enter Wix name


Enter what ever you want to name it and press next.

The it will ask you to chose a site

Choose wix site and press next.

Afte this it will tell you your free URL. Note it and press Publish.

After that it will publish it and cograts you:


You have now learnt how to design a website . (press Finish)

Now If you want your own domain like (  you have to select connect to your domain and select a package there pay your package fee. Here you go , Now you have your own Domain now.

Lowest Package @ 4.9 $/ per month!

Even Children can now design awebsite by this process.

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Ever since the man thought of counting, he developed the concept of communications. His initial approach to accounting and data computations and their recording was with help of sticks, pebbles or lines on walls of caves.Then he moved towards counting using ten fingers of his hands, which probably is the basis of present decimal system

The earliest computing device, which was used by Egyptians as early as 450 B.C., is ABACUS. The Chinese version of ABACUS was a bead on wires counting frame, which is still much is use in south east asia, China and Japan.

The first desktop calculator machine, which is capable to perform various arithmetic operations, was developed as early as 1642, which was pioneered by French scientist BLAISE PASCAL (1623-1662). This calculating machine mainly consisted of gears and wheels for calculations and this machine could perform only two basic operations i.e. addition and subtraction.

A German mathematician GOTTFRIED LEIBNITZ worked on improving this machine i.e. Pascal’s calculator for performing four basic arithmetic operations (+,-,x,/).

Charles Babbage designed the early computer called difference engine in the year 1822. Which could produce reliable tables. He improved this machine and came out with a new idea of Analytical Engine in 1833, which could perform the basic arithmetic functions, which is intended to be completely automatic. This machine used punch cards as input output devices for basic input and output. He is called as “FATHER OF COMPUTERS”.

In 1920, LEONARDO TORES demonstrated a digital calculating machine in Paris.

The concept of punched cards which was used by BABBAGE as I/O media, was developed further by HARMAN HOLLERITH in the year 1889. He is the founder of present IBM (International Business Machine) company.

As the demand for punched cards machine increased, there was inadequacy of these machine for scientific computations and this demand led to the development of electro mechanical calculators known as MARK-1, which was the first automatic general purpose digital computer which was able to do three additions per second, for multiplication it took about four seconds and about if took Aiken eleven seconds for division. This machine was designed by Prof. HOWARD AIKEN of Hardward University. This was in 1944.

The first electronic computer, ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator) was designed in 1946. It has capability to perform about 5,000 calculations per second. This was a huge computer which occupied about 1,500 sq.ft and weighed about 50 tons.

After ENIAC the next development was an electronic computer which was based on JOHN VON NEUMANN’S concept of stored program named as EDVAC (Electronic Discreate Variable Automatic Computer) and this was in 1949.

Almost simultaneously with EDVAC of U.S.A, the EDSAC (Electronic Delay Automatic Calculator) was developed by British scientists. This machine was capable to do mathematical operations which are executed in matter of a few micro seconds.

Then came in 1951 the commercial version of stored program computer UNIVAC (Universal Automatic Computer), which was first digital computer.



The development of computers has followed difference steps in the technology used and these steps of technological differences are called as generations.


The first generation of computer were those computers which use Vacuum Tubes or Valves technology. Almost all the early computer like ENIAC, EDVAC, EDSAC etc. were made a reality only by the invention of vacuum tube, which is a fragile glass device that can control and amplify electronic signals. In this computer they are using 18,000

vacuum tubes, 70,000 resisters, 10,000 capacitors and 60,000 switches. It took 150 kilo watt electric power and it produce large amount of heat. They were bulky and required large space. They had small primitive memories and no auxiliary storage.


With the development of transistors and their use in circuits, magnetic core for memory storage, the vacuum tubes of first generation are replaced by transistors to arrive at second generation of computers. The size of transistors is much smaller when compared to vacuum tubes. They consumed less power generated less heat and are faster and reliable. William B Shickley, John Burdeen and Walter H Brattain are the scientists develop the transistors. They are working bell telephone, U.S.A. They got noble prize. The major advantage use of transistors was that the size of computer has come down as well as the power consumption. Even the cost of transistors is less in comparison with the cost of vacuum tubes, the cost of computer reduced drastically, they were more reliable then first generation computers. Fortran, cobol, snowbal, algol etc. like high level languages are developed in this generation. In this generation they are using magnetic tapes for storing.


With the development of silicon chips. The third generation of computers came into existence. These computers used compact integrated circuits (IC’s) of silicon chips in place of transistors. Each of these IC’s consisted of large number of chips in very small packages. With these IC’s coming into picture the size of computers, cost, heat generation and power consumption decreased to a great extent, speed and reliability increased as compared to previous generations. These machines used IC’s with LSI (Large Scale Integration).


The computers belonging to these generation used Integrated Circuits with VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration). These computers have high processing powers, low maintenance, high reliability and very low power consumption. These computer reduces the cost as well as the size of the computer.


These computers use optic fiber technology to handle Artificial Intelligence, expert systems, robotics etc. These computers have very high processing speeds and are more reliable.

Themed Parties

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Themed Parties


When ever we say Fun, Somewhere in our heart something says Party. Parties are always fun, we meet new people, we make new friends and important of all we feel alive. People of all ages love parties.  Especially in these days when everyone is so busy that friends, brothers, sisters and even husband and wife have no time for each other; Parties play a great role in keeping us social. Now, to have more fun in parties People have introduced Theme Parties. A theme party can be defined as a party which is arranged according to a specific theme of movie, Early 60’s, Future or any Idea of the Person who is arranging this Party. The decor, food, service, crockery and even People’s dresses are according to the theme.

Firstly, Theme Parties were arranged in only Western countries but now they have become fashion in Asia as well. In Sub-continent (India –Pakistan) theme parties are usually themed as Arabian nights, Dera Style (Punjabi Folk) and Phantom Theme but usually peoples of sub- continent don’t honor the condition of dressing up as instructed on invitation. Western People are strict in this matter they fulfill all the conditions even if they have to borrow or buy dresses or other things for party.

Theme Parties also help the marriage couples to look extra special in their dresses on their marriage day. If bride is wearing red dress and groom is wearing Black Dress so they just have to set a theme that all Men & women should wear white dresses. In this way marrying couple will be the one looking different among all.

The real fun of theme party is that we can dress up like a cartoon or we can wear a ripped up shirt in a movie theme party and people will think that you are wearing a costume of messed up character and people will praise your messed up shirt which you don’t like wearing  as a night dress. Another fun that we have in theme parties is games that we play in the party. Teens usually attend these parties for these games. Phantom Theme parties are also famous these days especially among teens. In these Parties you just have to wear a mask with your formal dress. The fun in these parties is nobody knows who is behind the Mask. So Teen enjoys being hidden behind the mask and flirting girls.

Usually Children enjoy theme parties the most. They like theme parties at their birthday and at schools. Children mostly select themes of Super Hero Cartoon Series and dress up like their favorite super hero and enjoy the party most with their other friends which also dresses up like other characters of the series. They play their roles in their own created stories and have fun at these parties.

The only Problem in arranging a themed party is expenses. The theme parties cost the host far more than normal parties. Not only has the host, everyone who is going to attend these parties had to be preparing for them. But we can arrange a low budget theme party just by planning a little. For example, we can arrange an Arabian night theme party by just using some carpets, cushions and some old lamps.

30 Weird and Funny Gadgets

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Today gadgets are making our live much easier, if they become part of us it’s hard to get out of them. Some of them are cool, funny, interesting, but also weird and unusual. Some people think that there is no charm left in life if simple things are done in a simple way. We reserve the title ‘crazy’ for those who look for something more out of an ordinary one. In the name of innovating new products some geeks have come out with products that you can not but laugh at. It was also fun for us to compile the list of Weird and unusual gadgets to present them you. Check them out!

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

33 Weird and Funny Gadgets

One Of The Worlds Amazing Garden

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Bruno’s Sculpture Garden in Melbourne, Australia

TeamViewer is a utility that allows you to share your desktop (and control of your computer) with a remote user. My current purpose for using this to help members have uses with installing my custom Full Tilt tables, but this could be used to assist with just about anything that can be handled in a “live support” kind of environment.

If I ask you to install this so I can help you, we wil also agree on a time to meet (most likely in a railbirds chat room.)

To install TeamViewer (click this link).

You should now be at his location.

You should now click the link that says “TeamViewer v3.0”. Note the version number may well be different as there are new releases of the program.

Some of the specifics of this may vary as you may have different security systems on your system. I will show you how to intalled this and you should be able to modify this to install on your system. This is no different than installing any other program.

Click RUN. Do not click SAVE.

Click RUN.

You should be in the windows installer now. Click NEXT.

Agree to the liscence agreement by click the radio button next to “I agree…” and then clicking NEXT.

Now there are 2 different ways to do this. In one you do not install the actual program on your computer. If you want to install the program because you plan on using it frequently, following these instructions. If you think this may well be the only time you use the program, then skip down to the START WITHOUT INSTALLING INSTRUCTIONS.


Next step: do NOT start this automatically if you donot want to use it via I-Phone and do not enter a password. One of the more secure features of this program is that it automatically generates codes and passwords for each session. Let it do that and keep things very secure.       (But if you want to Use it via I-phone\Android Phone or Windows P.D.A Please check this Feature)

click NEXT

If you don’t want this is the default folder, then tell it where to install. I just stayed with the default folder.

Click NEXT.

If you want to add this to an existing Start Menu Folder tell it which one. I just left it to the default.

Click Install.


The program should launch. It will give you 2 pieces of infromation I will need to connect to your computer. You will need to arrange a time to meet me and I will ask you for your ID and PASSWORD. They are circled below.


Use this method if you think you will rarely use the program.

Click the radio button next to “Start without installion”

Click NEXT.

The program should launch. It will give you 2 pieces of infromation I will need to connect to your computer. You will need to arrange a time to meet me and I will ask you for your ID and PASSWORD. They are circled below.

Team Viewer On Iphone IOS

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TeamViewer provides easy, fast and secure remote access to PCs and Macs.

TeamViewer is already used by more than 60,000,000 happy users worldwide and with the TeamViewer App for iPhone and iPod Touch you are able to:

– spontaneously support your family and friends
– have access to your own computer with all of its documents and installed applications

– Both spontaneous support and remote access to unattended computers are possible
– Convenient control via multi-touch gestures: left click, right click, drag & drop, scroll wheel, zoom, change monitor
– complete keyboard incl. special keys such as Ctrl, Alt, Windows®
– reboot the remote computer
– automatically decrease the screen resolution of the remote computer
– integrated partner list – see which computer or partner is online
– trouble-free use behind firewalls and proxy servers
– highest security standards: 256 Bit AES Session Encoding, 1024 Bit RSA Key Exchange

TeamViewer is free for personal use, i.e. that you can use TeamViewer completely free of charge to access your private computers or to help your friends with their computer problems.

For a commercial use in a professional environment, please look for TeamViewer Pro in the AppStore.?

Quick guide
1. Install and start TeamViewer from the AppStore
2. Install and start TeamViewer 5 on your PC or TeamViewer 4 on your Mac (
3. Enter your PC’s or Mac’s ID and password directly in the TeamViewer interface on your iPhone / iPod Touch to connect.

Note: Additional quick guides for different applications can be found at